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YouthReach Growing Into Neighboring Towns

Summer 2019

Summer 2019

Summer 2019



  "We are working towards important things in Santa Cruz de la Soledad. Soon we will have boxing school and English classes in our town, so that all young people learn this discipline and keep their mind occupied with the help of YouthReach and the people of Santa Cruz." (Mayor of neighboring town Santa Cruz)

Estamos trabajando para cosas importantes en Santa Cruz de la Soledad.  Próximamente escuela de Boxeo e Inglés en nuestro pueblo.Para que todos los jóvenes aprendan esta disciplina y mantengan su mente ocupada.Gracias al apoyo de grandes personas y apoyo del pueblo y YouthReach

A look ahead....

The success that we have in San Nicolas has not gone unnoticed.  We have been meeting for several months with leaders in the neighboring community asking how they can start YouthReach programs in their town.   After much prayer and consideration and with the support of the Mayor and community leaders, we will begin YouthReach programs in Santa Cruz.  With starting up a new area, we are seeking additional funding for program cost and would appreciate your support with this endeavor.  Here are a list of things we need your help with to get YouthReach up and running in Santa Cruz:

  • Sports Equipment (boxing gloves and bags, gym mats, soccer balls)
  • English classes (notebooks, pens, pencils, school supplies).
  • Staff salary (Our current staff are working to cover both San Nicolas and Santa Cruz.  We can only do this for a couple of months as I do not wish to spread them too thin and would like to hire staff assigned to Santa Cruz only).

Your financial support will help to bring YouthReach programs so that all young people learn discipline and keep their minds occupied.  Click on the links below to find out more information and to how you can help financially support the mission of YouthReach.

Juan Ibarra
Executive Director


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