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YouthReach Newsletter
Oct 2015

Greetings from Jalisco, Mexico.

Just a quick program update as we head into the fall with lots of activities.  We just completed the Mexican Independence Day celebration where YouthReach Sports Program was the highlight of the event.  We showcased all of our boxing groups which included the 6-12 year olds, the girl's team, and the 15-20 year olds. The team sports put on a performance as a group and then gave an individual performance by some of our student boxers.  This was an opportunity for us to share with the whole city as hundreds of people showed up to this event.  We received lots of new interest as our program continues to grow.

Our sports and tutoring classes are being attended by 50+ plus kids Monday through Friday.  We continue to see kids improving in school from reports receive from their teachers and parents.  Our teachers and staff are working hard because they see the positive affect YouthReach is having on these kids.  Kids are coming eager to learn and soaking in the knowledge like sponges! We have the opportunity to not only teach them worldly knowledge but spiritual knowledge through our weekly bible studies and events. Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers.

Juan Ibarra
Executive Director

Student Spotlight


Our student spotlight for this newsletter is, Bam-Bam, who has recently started training to be come a Youthtreach Jr. Leader. He has been involved at Youthreach for a couple of years and was, at first, very shy and quiet kid. As he started attending classes more and more, he gained more confidence and began to show interest in helping out with the after school tutoring program.  He shows up everyday ready to work and takes pride when he is helping his younger peers. He’s now very outgoing and his personality has evolved and he’s now like a spark, lighting the kids on fire.  Bam-Bam is one of our key helpers that we are developing into a Jr. Leader. He’s hard working, smart, and very driven young man. His intentions are to help with classes in the YouthReach Escuelita, and in the future he would like to become a teacher.  We have high hopes for him and he has great potential.

Uniform reward


YouthReach is able to provide uniforms to students who are attending the program on a regular basis and are receiving high academic scores.  For many parents this becomes a hardship as education is not free here in Mexico. Parents are required to pay for tuition and uniforms in order for their child to attend school.  Your financial support helps towards education of many of these kids who sometimes families have to choose between educating them and feeding them.  Thank you for helping kids to succeed in their educational goals.
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