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March 2013 - Mission Update

Planting the "Seed"

Luke 8:11: The seed is the word of God.  We have all heard the story in Luke where Jesus spoke the Parable of the Sower.  The farmer went out to sow his seeds.  Some fell on the path and was trampled and birds ate it up.  Other seeds fell on rocky ground and when it came up the plant withered.  Other seeds fell on thorns which choked the plant.  Others fell on good soil and yielded a crop a 100 times more than was sown.  Juan Hernandez is one of those seeds.  I have known Juan for 7 years since he was in high schooler at Lodi High School.  Juan came to our program on a weekly basis.  We had the opportunity to plant a “seed” in his life as a high schooler.  He heard about Jesus and what it meant to have a personal relationship with him.

Forward 7 years later Juan is now a married man with a son.   I have the opportunity to continue to connect with Juan and now with his family through discipleship.  Juan has come to his own relationship with God and is exciting about growing more in his faith.    Juan shared that he remembers coming to our programs and hearing about Christ.  It wasn't until he settled down that he knew he wanted to provide more for his family.  He wanted to lead his household and be the man that God had called him to be.  Juan has asked me to disciples him in a deeper level and this allows me opportunity to keep that seed planted long ago to help it to grow and flourish. We will be developing family programs and doing street ministry in the San Joaquin Valley.  I am grateful that God allows me to be a part of seeing lives change for the better.  We are all farmers for the Kingdom because your support enables us to continue to plant seeds for the Kingdom.  Keep sowing the “good news” of Christ’s love and you never know what lives can be changed!

Juan Ibarra
Executive Director
Mission to Mexico
(San Nicolas, Guadalajara, Mexico)
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