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June 2016

We appreciate your continued support and prayers.  Have a wonderful and safe summer.
Juan Ibarra, Executive Director

Juan Ayala Vazquez

Juan Ayala Vazquez

Exciting news! Graduation season is upon us. A very special young man has graduated this year. Our YouthReach leader, Juan Ayala Vazquez "Wiwi", is the first ever to graduate from high school in his family. I have been working with Wiwi since he was 10 years old and I recognized the leadership potential in him. Throughout these years he has shown leadership and became a Student Leader for YouthReach. He leads a sports and boxing class made up of his peers and also helps with the tutoring program.

YouthReach has made a huge impact on Wiwi's life, not only educational but spiritual and we are so thankful to have been a part of it. The fruits of our labor coming to fruition, but this is just the beginning for Wiwi. He will be heading off to college very soon and he aspires to major in physical education, and one day become a P.E. teacher. We are grateful for those who have supported Wiwi throughout the years so that he had the chance to accomplish this big milestone in his life.  We look forward to what the future holds for him and pray God's blessing upon him!

Sports Class

Sports & Boxing Class

Juan Ayala Vazquez (front row, second right) with the boxing class he leads every week.  
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