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June 2015

YouthReach Summer

Summer 2015Summer 2015

The kids in San Nicolas Mexico YouthReach are beginning their summer break.  Our summer program is in full operation with 60 plus kids attending on a daily basis.  We have the tutoring program that consists of student volunteer (high school leaders) who helps teach the younger kids.  The sports program which includes boxing, soccer, and baseball that continues to help kids build their confidence and discipline. Our Saturday morning bible studies, we are teaching kids about what it means to have a relationship with Christ.  We are pleased to help bridge the gap with our educational and bible programs during the summer break at the YouthReach Center (La Escuelita).
Summer 2015
Juan Ayala (Sr. Leader, 2nd from left) led an overnight camping trip with some of the young men in the boxing program.  Juan leads the boxing program and has developed into an awesome leader.  His boxing program has grown in attendance with 15 high school kids that attend 3 times a week.  We have poured into Juan since he first started attending YouthReach during middle school.  He is now preparing for college and is the first in his family to move past the 8th grade and into High School.  He is a wonderful example to the other kids in the YouthReach program who are looking up to him.  

summer 2015

Field Day partnering with the local elementary school.  We served lunch and helped with field day activities.  We have a strong relationship with the local schools that enables us to partner in helping students through their education goals.

Summer 2015

Saturday outing with the elementary school program kids as part of the good behavior rewards program with a day trip to the park.
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