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February 2015

San Nicolas

San Nicolas

Update from San Nicolas

Recently we had a feast for the families in the town of Saint Nicholas in which approximately 120 people were in attendance. We had a great time serving and giving back to the community. We were able to spend time and fellowship with many of the parents of the children involved in our programs. It was also great to see a lot of the fathers show up and take an interest in what their kids are involved with. It is very rare for the fathers to attend such events since they are often at work or resting from a hard day’s work. Family gatherings, such as this feast, have been great for breaking down barriers within the community and with these families. We are able to feed the families, break the ice with mixers, as well as hand out prizes. Through this we are able to show the parents what Youth Reach is about, the direction we are headed in, and most importantly the love of Jesus Christ.

Our bible studies have been a blessing sharing the word of Christ with these kids. We need continued prayer for these kids’ parents to be accepting of the gospel and to help them to understand that they can have a relationship with Jesus Christ since this is a new concept that to them that is often not presented to them in such a way in the Catholic Church.

There is a kid in our program that has recently shown promise and growth. Andres is a shy and quiet kid who is beginning to open up and become more involved. Andres has been helping out and tutoring kids younger than him with their school work and other assignments. We also need your continued prayer and support for the tutoring program. Things are going great within the program and with your prayer it continues to grow and is a great resource for the kids within the community of San Nicholas. 

Juan Ibarra

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