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Summer 2017

Graduation & Honorable Mentions! 

We are celebrating another end of school year with graduations and honor roll students.  Ruma is one of our Jr. Leaders that has graduated Jr. High School.  We are so proud of his growth and development as a leader.  He helps with the after school tutoring program.   Ruma lost his father to cancer several years ago and is being raised by his mother.  At times it does get hard for him and his siblings but he is working hard at try to be a good example to his siblings and other kids, by showing them success to reach his educational goal.

Several of our younger students have achieved honor roll this year. Areli and Paula were in the top of their classes.  They are a part of our after school tutoring program that keeps them active and engaged in their studies.  

These student are  growing in their walk of faith, learning how to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  We are honored to have this opportunity to walk alongside them and watch their faith grow.  Thank you for your continuous prayer and support for YouthReach!

Together in Christ,
Juan Ibarra

Areli and Paula

Juan Ibarra
Executive Director

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