Youth Reach
“Reaching kids from The Bay, to the Valley and in Mexico”

Mission Statement

Providing guidance to adolescents to help them reach their academic, life skill, and physical goals.

Our Mission

  • One on one approach to building relationships with kids.
  • Being where kids are at and going into their world.
  • Being willing and available.
  • Building relationships with their families.
  • Being present on school campuses and building relationships with School Administration.
  • Helping establish core values in this indifferent world.
  • Develop Leadership skills.
  • Giving them the opportunity to have positive experience in a non-threatening environment in their lives and within the community.
  • Helping kids to develop their potential for their gifts and talents.
  • Working with volunteer adults to provide:
    • Daily life support
    • Leadership skills
    • Lead weekly youth meetings
    • Tutoring
    • Community outreach
    • Serve on committee
    • Provide meals for youth meeting.
  • Coaching mentor who provides support during athletic season by attending games and practices.
  • Athletic training and preparation for athletes.
  • Provide healthy workouts for all kids.

Our Values

  • Loving them regardless of their background, religion, or race.
  • Reaching those kids who “don’t fit in” and those that fall through the cracks”.
  • Caring for adults who serve of their time and resources.
  • Partnering with the community with the common goals of reaching kids.
  • We acknowledge the highest standard of expectation of all the resources placed in our trust. 

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